MATLAB @ MA Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts

(Experimental, collaborative, digital, classical) drawing & painting & printing

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MATLAB & Guests. Drawing & Painting: (Trans)medial experiments

This site is work in progress. Please check updates and changes regularly.

We will turn our physical exhibition into a virtual exhibition, using 360° image and videos (see example). Our virtual exhibition will then be online via dps-platform.netSee also Videorecording

Exhibition info


Starting devices

Opening/closing exhibition + taking down the exhibition: Please sign up

Monitoring exhibition
Friday 8 to Sunday 10 DEC: Vemo
Monday 11: Maya
Tuesday 12: Esther
Wednesday 13 Maya
Thursday 14: Ziqi
We still need someone for Friday 15 until Sunday 17 DEC.
Because someone already has destroyed a work: Could you be present in one of the spaces. And, if you are in the Gallery, please place a note at the Kunstraum that you will open the door if they contact you in the Gallery (or the other way round). You do not need to close one space, if showing the other …


On the 18 and 19 December, we will be taking down the show. On Monday, 18 DEC, starting 1 pm: Who could help to take down all the devices and pack our Hong Kong colleagues work? When do you take down your work?

TO DO | Video recordings

For the virtual exhibition: Please document your work and Upload your videorecording till 17 December.
All recorded material should start with NAME OF THE ARTIST. Then at the end: Concept, recording, and (post-)production: NAME, MATLAB at MA Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts, 2017. Fonts ect: Information coming up.

Work list: Fill in your work title etc.

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